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We practice Catch and Release

It may come as a surprise that one of our corporate values at Clint's Trading Post is supporting Catch and Release. Obviously, our products are made from the skin of walleyes. How can we possibly support Catch and Release?

The skins we use for manufacturing our finished products come from walleyes commercially harvested for tables all over the world Lake Winnipeg Manitoba. Clint's Trading Post purchases the fresh skins from a waste stream that originates from a central processor in Winnipeg.

You will see from the construction of our products that we employ skins in the “eater” size range (refer to diagonal seam on wallets and business card holders).  While this adds to the cost of constructing our products, it also adds character as the scale patterns on each fish is as unique as finger-prints on human.

The vast majority of the commercial fishing industry on Lake Winnipeg selectively targets the 1-2 pound “eater walleyes” as they are concerned about the sustainability of both the commercial and recreational fishery. They recognize that their continued livelihood as well as the recreational sport fishing industry and resultant economy depends on this foresight. Nets are specifically designed to capture these fish in the 1-2 pound range. Given that a commercial fishing industry has existed on Lake Winnipeg for over 100 years, it is apparent that in an overall sense, the sustainability efforts are proving successful.

At Clint's Trading Post, we preach “let ‘em go, let ‘em grow” AND we practice it.


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