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Who is Clint's Trading Post?

As our very first blog post, we would like to say a big hi to all of you and tell you who we are and what we do.

Located in the heartland of the Pembina Valley region in Southern Manitoba, Clint's Trading Post is a local celebrity for the town of La Riviere.

Tucked among the beautiful valley is a hide manufacturing facility that uses very traditional methods to reuse animal skins to make fashion products, such as wallets, shoes, knife holders and more.  

Clint Boyd, the owner of Clint's Trading Post, a former employee of Manitoba Fisheries, has traveled across North America to teach humane animal trapping methods and hide processing techniques. And when he saw the amount of walleye fish skin that was being discarded from the fisheries after the fillets are taken out, he found a use for those by-products to turn them in to something useful.

Clint, along with local La Riviere residents, manufactures all the products in our company by hand; hence, every single product is locally made. This also provides employment opportunity for many locals in that area, besides, contributing to the rural Manitoban economy.

By reusing the discarded skins, Clint's Trading Post is also a very environmentally friendly company. Clint’s hide treatment technique is a secret family recipe that is completely chemical and toxic free, which means, there is absolutely no negative effect to the environment for every product made. 


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