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Brand: Big Eye Leather
Product Code: Tanned True Walleye Skin

Tanned True Walleye Skin

• Durable, tanned Walleye leather
• Distinctive pattern
• Definite conversation piece

This is a unique line of truly one-of-a-kind products from one of the most sought-after fresh water game fish - the Walleye. After many years, Big Eye Leather was finally able to perfect the process of tanning Walleye skins into supple, but durable leather that feels and smells like any other leather product but features the distinctive pattern of Walleye skin. A definite conversation piece, these wallets are sure to be at the top of the list for any fishing enthusiast. Our raw materials are waste by products. When the Walleye fish fillets are cut off, the skin gets thrown away. We take the thrown skins; cure them in our very own leather treatment facility with a secret family recipe to produce a new age fashion material. They are very environmentally friendly.

We treat Walleye skins in many vibrant colors. Call upon request!

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